Jarek Michalik

Hello! My name is Jarosław Michalik. If you want to utilize mobile apps in your business, you’re in the right place.

On a daily basis, I provide support in developing and maintaining mobile-first products.

Since 2016 I’ve been building Android applications. Among other things, I am Google Developer Expert in Kotlin (leading programming language for Android). I also founded digital community for professional Android developers across the world – AndroidPro.io

I show my clients how to build and scale mobile applications.

How can I help?

Android Expert as a service

Every day, you come across unusual issues. It’s possible that I’ve already encountered this problem and understand it well, enabling me to assist you quickly.

✅ async support on chat & email

✅ dev team coaching

✅ debugging & pair programming

Mobile application health check

Are you collaborating with an external team? Not sure if the developed software meets the required quality? I’ll check it for you!

Comprehensive audit of app, code, and design. I test the app. I do code review. I analyze the project structure. You get a clean, actionable report.

✅ no-AI, 100% human made codebase health check

✅ customized recommendation

✅ follow-up support

Latest Posts

My mission

Tech industry has always been a part of my life. Initially, I worked as an employee building IoT apps for global brands before venturing into consulting mobile products for startups.

Today, I leverage over 8 years of knowledge and experience in mobile development, assisting in the implementation of innovations where they are needed the most.

I guide on how to avoid costly mistakes, how not to get deceived, and how to elevate your business to the next level.

Google Developer Experts Kotlin badge

Edu products

Nowoczesny Junior

Membership platform for junior developers looking to upskill and learn best software engineering practices

Android Interview Pro

Android Interview Pro
(the only guide you’ll even need) for Android interview prep.

Android Architect

Course that is teaching you best practices in Android architecture, mobile devops and more.