Android Expert as a Service

Access specialized expertise on-demand, without the need for full time employment and complex recruitment process.

"How can you assist me?"

I will help you in updating, refactoring and rewriting mobile projects. It includes things like updating elements of an app to comply with new requirements, avoiding de-listing your application or simply updating tech stack so you could bring on board less experienced developers. I can also coach your team so you could do all that yourself.

"But I can hire freelancer from Upwork"

For simple tasks that do not require deep technical expertise it’s completely OK. However, if your system is complex and you care about quality, it’s hard to hire proper expert. And I don’t have to tell you that choosing freelance dev by the lowest price may not be best strategy.

"But I can build my own team of experts"

I believe that this should be your end goal if you wish to scale engineering department in your company. Since you’re on this website there’s a chance that you’re not on that stage at a moment. Once we overcome your current challenges I’ll be happy to help you build your own mobile engineering team.

"Will I be locked into a long-term contract without the option to change plans?"

In opposition to employment contract, you have the possibility to pause or cancel your subscription. So if you know that you’re not gonna need this services for some time, but you’d like to continue cooperation in the future, that’s completely OK.

"Will I face any communication barriers or time zone issues?"

I believe in overcommunication. That’s a necessity in async-remote environment. While 97% of things can be done over the text, for that 3% you get access to my private calendar, where you can schedule session over Google Meet or Zoom. Time slots are friendly for EU and US timezones.

"But how can an on-demand expert truly understand my project's unique needs?"

Simply put – any new person won't understand your business domain fully in the beginning. In most software projects knowledge about the product and underlying tech is distributed among team members. If that's the case, I suggest we organize an event storming session. This will help both me and your team better understand core domain of your business, organize and coordinate bounded contexts.

„I’m interested, but I’m not sure what kind of help I really need”

Usually we start with project audits. That’s a good place to start if you have legacy system that needs some refreshments. Let’s talk. Schedule intro session on this page.

"But who are you to offer such services?"

Hi, my name is Jarek Michalik 👋

I’ve been professionally involved in mobile since 2016. I’ve worked in a software house, agency, and product companies.

Besides, I run (supposedly quite good) trainings for advanced Android developers (szkolakotlina.pl aka Kotlin School, AndroidPro.io)

Oh, and I’m also part of the Google Developer Experts as an expert in Kotlin (the leading programming language for Android).

I help my clients develop and scale their mobile applications.

I worked with...

How can I assist you?

Your project and challenges is unique. I get that. No one can do everything. I cannot do everything.  However it’s possible that I already encountered challenge you’re facing right now so I’m able to assist you quickly. Here’s recent work I did for my clients:

  • introduced Kotlin to Java 7 based application
  • built CI/CD workflow for seamless app distribution
  • migrated from in-house frameworks to Jetpack Libraries
  • updated Android app to API 34 to avoid de-listing from Play Store
  • setup Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile modules for further development
  • helped build in-house mobile development team for software agency
  • added analytics and monitoring to better understand app performance
  • migrated experimental React Native module from native mobile application
  • conducted workshop for mobile dev team to help them understand Clean architecture


Choose the model that suits your needs the best

Support & Mentorship

Every day, you come across unusual issues. It’s possible that I’ve already encountered this problem and understand it well, enabling me to assist you quickly.

✅ personalized support via Slack — ask your questions anytime
✅ unlimited code reviews to ensure quality and best practices
✅ flexible engagement — upgrade, pause, or cancel anytime
✅ direct access to expert advice on Android development strategies
✅ priority scheduling for in-depth consultations
999€ / month
Cancel or pause anytime.

Android Expert as a Service

Whether it’s introducing new features, refining existing ones, or tackling complex bugs, I’m here to bring those tasks across the finish line. 

✅ development tasks, from bug fixes to feature enhancements
✅ seamless integration with your existing project, regardless of stage or scope
✅ access to skilled Android developers for high-quality code contributions
✅ continuous collaboration with your team via a dedicated Slack channel
✅ transparent reporting on task progress and completion milestones
3999€ / month
Cancel or pause anytime.