Building a mobile app?


… your codebase is old and it’s almost impossible to change anything ❌

… you hire an agency… and you have an impression that app was created by 1 junior dev (and they sold you 3 seniors)


… you use freelancers… and you’re not sure if they did a great work ❌


… you build on your own and simply put – you feel like you need senior dev for review 🤔




checking your codebase health is the right thing to do

Make sure your app is healthy.

I’ll do comprehensive audit of app, code, and design. I will test your app. I will do code review. I’ll analyze the project structure.

You get a clean, actionable report.

✅ no-AI, 100% human made codebase health check
✅ customized recommendation
✅ follow-up support

"What does such an audit look like?"

It's an audit of applications, code, and design. I test. I do code review. I analyze the project structure. You get a nice report with analysis and suggestions.

"But I can do an audit myself using AI tools"

Good luck. I don't use AI for that. Besides... in a situation where the code was created by an agency of dubious reputation, does it make sense for ChatGPT to audit code written by ChatGPT?

"But there's no need to worry, my app needs to work well enough, not perfectly"

That's correct. However, there is a difference between mobile production deployments and web applications. On the web, you can upload a new version in just a few minutes. On mobile, it can take from half a day to even a week before the update spreads to the stores. That's why it's wise to safeguard in this case. Mistakes on mobile cost a lot more time.

"What technologies are you familiar with?"

My main area of expertise is native Android. That means Kotlin and Java. I have also worked on Flutter projects.

"Do you make apps? Would you join me as a technical co-founder for equity?"

I'm not considering this option at the moment. I can join your team as a consultant. But it's not the time for such considerations at the moment. Let's do the audit first.

"But who are you to do such a thing?"

Hi, this is Jarek Michalik 👋

I’ve been professionally involved in mobile since 2016. I’ve worked in a software house, agency, and product companies.

Besides, I run (supposedly quite good) trainings for advanced Android developers (Kotlin School, AndroidPro)

Oh, and I’m also part of the Google Developer Experts as an expert in Kotlin (the leading programming language for Android).

I help my clients develop and scale their mobile applications.

Some of my clients

I do only 3 audits per month. Why?

Dedicated Attention

Each audit requires a significant amount of time and dedication to ensure a thorough review. Simply put – it’s a huge cognitive load for me. By limiting the number to 3, I can guarantee my full attention and resources to each project, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Quality Over Quantity

My focus is on delivering high-quality, detailed analyses rather than a high quantity of audits. This approach ensures that each audit is comprehensive, offering tailored recommendations and actionable insights.

Customized Recommendations

Limiting the number of audits allows me to spend more time understanding each project’s unique needs and challenges. This enables me to provide customized advice that is directly applicable and beneficial to the project’s success.

Follow-up Support

After delivering the audit report, I allocate time for follow-up discussions to clarify any points and offer further assistance. This level of support is only possible by maintaining a manageable number of audits.

The audits are a secondary service meant to complement my primary focus. By limiting the number of audits, I ensure that my consultancy work with mobile teams remains my top priority, allowing me to deliver the highest quality of service in both areas.

How it works?


You describe your project. The more details, the better. It helps me prepare for point number 2.



A short meeting. Max 45 minutes. We meet on a Zoom call (or if you’re from Krakow, we can go grab a coffee), during which we discuss the details.



I dive into the code. I build a report for you. It won’t be a wall of text or a single sentence like “add tests”, but something concrete. Recommendations for further actions. Engineering and product.



You receive the report and we discuss it together. You have the chance to ask about anything that wasn’t clear in the audit report itself.


(optional) When after the audit we are both satisfied with the work outcomes, we transition to a subscription-based collaboration. This ensures my time availability and dedication for your project.



Choose the model that suits your needs the best

Mobile app audit

Comprehensive audit of app, code, and design. I test the app. I do code review. I analyze the project structure. You get a clean, actionable report.

✅ no-AI, 100% human made codebase health check
✅ customized recommendation
✅ follow-up support
499€ – one-time payment
You get EU-VAT invoice.

Android expert as a service

Every day, you come across unusual issues. It’s possible that I’ve already encountered this problem and understand it well, enabling me to assist you quickly.

✅ async support on chat & email
✅ dev team coaching
✅ debugging & pair programming
starting at 999€ / month
Cancel or pause anytime.