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Android Interview Questions uncovered

Ready to ace your Android developer interview? Get your hands on our comprehensive eBook today and start preparing with confidence.

I have one question for you.

Are you preparing for an Android Developer interview?

Does it frustrate you that despite hours of studying and practice, you still feel unprepared for those crucial questions? You’re not alone.

The truth is, preparing for an Android Developer interview can be daunting. With ever-changing programming trends and a wide array of interview questions, it can be hard to know how to properly prepare to make the best impression.

But don’t worry – my support is here for you.

I’ve put together a guide for you, drawing from the experiences of many who have already navigated the Android Developer interview process.

This guide shares their knowledge and helps you understand what recruiters are looking for.

With this guide, you’ll be able to confidently tackle tough questions, make a strong impression on the recruiter, and land your dream job.


This guide is an all-in-one resource, meticulously designed to cover every aspect of the Android Developer interview process.

Hard questions

Navigate the tricky terrain of tough interview questions with detailed explanations and insights.

New topics

Dive into the latest in Android development with extensive coverage on new areas like Kotlin Flow and Jetpack Compose.

Unlock success in Android Developer interviews


  • Activity & Context
  • Intents & Broadcasts
  • XML
  • UI/UX
  • Jetpack Compose
  • … and more

Tools and frameworks

  • Kotlin
  • Gradle
  • Java
  • RxJava
  • Kotlin Flow

Software Engineering

  • Design Patterns
  • Version control
  • Graphic Design
  • API


  • Open questions
  • Examples of interview apps
  • Ideas for portfolio projects

What people think about Android Interview Pro?

People from Polish community have access to contents of Android Interview Pro since December 2022. What do they think about it?

They definitely came in handy for the qualification interviews.

In the past when I conducted them at work, they gave me quick ideas about what I could ask. However, recently when I was changing jobs, they allowed me to revisit certain Android topics.

Michał, Android Developer

Yes, they were helpful. I used them during all of my recruitment processes, I even managed to surprise the recruiter during the technical interview with my knowledge😊 The ebook has very well-explained topics but it was also a good starting point for me to further explore many things 🙂

Katarzyna, Android Developer

They definitely came in handy for the qualification interviews.

Back in September, I had several job interviews and of course, your database of questions came in handy. When I was using it, it wasn’t 100% complete yet, but there was still a lot of good content in there. So, today I have a new job largely thanks to that database 🙂 I think it will be useful not only for the candidate but also for the person who is recruiting.

As for publishing my messages, go ahead 😉 maybe someone will find it useful 🙂

Sławomir, Android Developer

They definitely came in handy for the qualification interviews.

I thought that finding the right recruitment questions for the Android Developer position online would be easy. Unfortunately, I came across many sources that offered too brief answers, or outdated content that was not appropriately updated, and most importantly – no one took responsibility for them.

However, I came across Android Interview Pro, which fully met my expectations. This is one source that not only provides exhaustive answers, but also abounds in current content, extremely useful both for people preparing for technical interviews and for those conducting them. The answers to the questions have a clear structure, which facilitates understanding and memorizing the material. Numerous examples using code are also included, making learning even more effective.

Krzysztof, Android Developer

Jarosław Michalik

About the author

Google Developer Expert in Kotlin, conference speaker & educator.

I’m an experienced Android developer and software consultant with a passion for sharing knowledge. Having led over 300 hours of workshops and positively impacting the careers of 626 students, I’ve developed a knack for making complex concepts easy to understand. My mission? To help you navigate the tech industry, excel at interviews, and ultimately, launch a successful career in software development.

Are there any bonuses?

Absolutely! “Android Interview Pro” goes the extra mile by providing valuable bonuses and additional materials to enhance your interview preparation journey.

These include open-ended questions to stimulate critical thinking and foster deeper understanding, examples of interview apps to showcase practical implementation, and ideas for portfolio projects to demonstrate your skills and creativity.

These resources complement the core content of the guide, offering you a comprehensive toolkit for interview success.

but there’s more…

Do you need additional assistance? Resume review, mock interview or just consultation with expert? I’ve got you covered.

Ace Your Android Developer Interview with Android Interview Pro

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is it for me?

Who this eBook is for… …and who it’s not for?

If you’re thinking about efficient ways to ace your Android Developer interview… this eBook IS for you.

If you want to build your personal brand as an Android Developer or enhance your company’s technical team… this eBook IS for you.

If you have at least a basic understanding of Android development and want to upskill… this eBook IS for you.

If you’re looking for shortcuts and quick fixes to crack interviews without understanding the essence… this eBook is NOT for you.

If you want to make superficially impressive technical claims without having the in-depth understanding to back them up… this eBook is NOT for you.

If you don’t use or plan to use Android development in your career and just want to observe others… this eBook is NOT for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does “Android Interview Pro” cover?

“Android Interview Pro” provides an in-depth exploration of Android interview questions, strategically divided into various categories. This approach ensures you gain comprehensive knowledge across all essential topics, enabling you to confidently navigate any interview.

Who is the author?

“Android Interview Pro” is authored by Jarosław Michalik, an established Android developer and recognized Kotlin Google Developer Expert (GDE). His extensive practical experience and deep understanding of Kotlin make this guide an invaluable resource for anyone preparing for Android Developer interviews.

Is “Android Interview Pro” suitable for my level of knowledge?

Absolutely! “Android Interview Pro” is designed to accommodate a wide range of knowledge levels. Whether you’re just starting your journey in Android development or you’re an experienced developer looking to brush up on your interview skills, this guide offers insights and information that will enhance your preparation.

How is “Android Interview Pro” delivered?

“Android Interview Pro” is conveniently hosted on an e-learning platform. Once purchased, you will receive access to the platform, allowing you to engage with the material at your own pace, from any device and location.

Is there a return or refund policy for “Android Interview Pro”?

Certainly! “Android Interview Pro” comes with a 14-day, no-questions-asked refund policy. If, for any reason, you find the guide isn’t meeting your expectations, you can request a full refund within the first two weeks of your purchase. We’re confident in the value this guide provides and want you to feel the same.

Can I get a preview or sample of “Android Interview Pro”?

While we don’t provide a specific preview or sample of “Android Interview Pro,” we do offer a refund policy for your satisfaction. If you find that the guide doesn’t meet your expectations after purchasing it, you can request a refund within the designated period. We believe in the quality and value of “Android Interview Pro” and want you to feel confident in your purchase.

ace the interview

Ready to ace your Android developer interview? Get your hands on our comprehensive eBook today and start preparing with confidence.