Web Development services

Web Development services

How can I help?

I specialize in

  1. Customizing Ghost themes
  2. Creating integrations between other websites and services
  3. Providing technical expertise for content creators

Are you content creator? Do you want to have your own professional website?

It takes time to become webdev expert. It take money to build website fast.

But wait, there is third option:

I build blog for you while you are learning how to manage it! Your website is production ready in no-time and you gain new skills, so consultant such as myself won’t be needed.

We will create together:

✅ Landing page

✅ Blog

✅ Newslettera management system

✅ Automatizations (e.x sending free PDF to your customers)

✅ Social media connections!

Your professional blog is ready very quickly – you can focus on creating content. In the meantime I teach you Ghost CMS management, so you could do it yourself in the future.

Tools are we using?

Website + blog

Ghost CMS. Why? It’s easy, it’s open source and it’s not as sloppy as WordPress.

All my websites are backed by Ghost CMS and I can recommend it.


In the beginning, we will integrate Mailchimp with Ghost, so you can build your subscribers list immediately.

Automations and no-code

We will use Integromat and Zapier – those tools are perfect solution and can easily glue all other components together.

How to start?

1. Drop me an email here:

Please describe briefly your idea for website, if you have anything ready – please share it to me!

2. We schedule short call

3. Deploy to the public – you can start building content now

4. As you grow you blog, newsletter and community, we are adding more and more cool stuff.

Find suitable date: